Eventilla: Update: Creating event links with UTM tracking parameters

Published: 22.02.2021

Eventilla's newest update added a feature that allows you to create event page links with UTM tracking parameters. This makes it possible to follow event data easily in other systems (like Google tools), when the UTM tagged link is used.

How to create a link with UTM parameters:

  1. Open the Tickets tab
  2. Choose "Direct links" button
  3. Choose "Add Google tracking parameters to links"
  4. Fill in the parameter fields as you wish (for example event name, newsletter or other source...)
  5. After this you'll see the UTM tracking parameters on Registered tab in Event reports. This way you're able to add the UTM tracking data to the event reporting.

Questions? Don't hesitate to contact our support team: support@eventilla.com.

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