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1 Check In - you can check in attendees. This records the check-in and check-in time for the attendee. You can see record from the check-in view or from the attendeeds records.
2 Check the guest by clicking the Check-in button. The background turns green after succesfull check-in. You can then cancel the check-in if needed.

If needed you can check-in the attendee multiple times (for example in training days you might want to do this in the beginning of each training session etc.) You can check people out using the search function. Read more here.

You can check-in multiple or all participants at one time as a mass action. Mass actions can be found on the Registered view.


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You can check people also using "Eventilla Mobile"-app that you can download free from App Store. The app scans QR-codes and supports also manual check-in based on peoples names. You can also use the "Search" function of Eventilla to first find the guest and then check them in. (or alternate their infos, print badge etc.)


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