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Invited from LianaMailer

If you have LianaMailer tool in use you can see the infomation about invited people from here. The information will be automatically updated to Eventilla when you have sent the invitation emails using LianaMailer.

If you have LianaMailer tool in use, the information on all who have received invitation will be saved here along with the time the invitation had been sent. You can also see which of those invited have already registered and also the time of tehir registration. This requires that the registrant has uses the same email address when registerging where the invitation had been sent using LianaMailer. Please note that LianaMailer must know which event the invitation is associated with. This means that you have to choose the correct event from the 4th tab called Settings, when sending the invitations. See more from here.

Read more LianaMailer here.

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