Frequently asked questions

Question: Why do you need to create a ticket to an event that is free of charge?

Answer: The ticket is here just a technical term. Every event needs at least one ticket for a registration and also a corresponding form for the that ticket. If your event is free of charge, you can name the ticket for instance Attend or Register and do not add other information to the ticket. The form will ask the registrant always at least first name, last name and email address. Read more about tickets from here.

Q&A: Instructions for login issues

Q: I can't login to Eventilla, what should I do?

A: Start by checking your password. A very common issue is an extra space in front of or after your password, especially when using copy-paste to fill in the password field.

Q: I saved my password to my browser and now I can't login. What should I do?

A: If you have changed your Eventilla password lately check that the new password has replaced the old one in your browser and also, if you are using one, your password manager (LastPass, True Key, etc.).

Q: When I click the Login-button, a white page appears on my screen. What does it mean?

A: A white page is a sign of an invalid password or username. Alternatively, if you are already logged onto Eventilla or some Liana Technologies tool the system might remember your existing login, causing for you to not be able to login again. By visiting the website (no need to try login visiting the page is enough) you will be logged out of Eventilla and Liana-tools and you can try logging in again.

Q: I have forgotten my Eventilla password, what should I do?

A: If you remember your username, you can change your password from here

Q: I have forgotten my Eventilla password and username, what should I do?

A: In this situation you must contact our support team

When you receive a new password from our support team we recommend that you update it in the Eventilla settings to a password of your choice.

Q: I am being logged out automatically, immediately after logging in. What is causing this?

A: Logging out is happening more likely because, that third party cookies are blocked in your browser. allow third party cookies, and try logging in again.

Additional tips

If you have problems logging into Eventilla, make sure that you have updated your browser to the latest version. Additionally erasing cache and deleting cookies could help. If it is possible we recommend that you try logging in on another browser.

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