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Updated: 20.10.2020

Logging in to Eventilla

Events can be managed without separate installations directly from your browser. You only need your username and password.

Logging in can be done in

When you log on to Eventilla, the view looks like this.

Initial screen



You can navigate through pages by clicking on the headers from the top.


The Search function allows you to search for enrollers on different terms.


Events in the view are sorted by tabs as published, draft and past. You can browse your own events at a different stages.


Filter events. For example, you can filter your events by selecting only your own events or looking for events in a specific time period.


Links to activities of individual events. Individual events have different functions: edit, report, remove, copy, surveys and view.

Using Liana tools and Eventilla

If you have any other tool from Liana, you can access the Sites and tools button in the lower left corner of the screen with the same login credentials to manage your other tools.


On this page:


Filtering events for instance using the date and user you can find the event you are searching for more easily.

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