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Deploying an integration consists of three different steps, all of which must be gone through carefully:

  • Deployment of integration
  • Creating GoToWebinar event in Eventilla
  • Adding GoToWebinar link to confirmation email
  • Retrieving information about sign-ins to Eventilla from GoToWebinar

Deployment of integration

  • Create a GoToWebinar account.
  • After creating an account you need to make some changes to the GoToWebinar settings. Eventilla's support team can make these changes on your behalf for which you need to provide the GoToWebinar login credentials to If you chose to do this you can skip the next step.
  • If you chose to make changes by yourself on GoTowebinar, you can find the step-by-step guide here. Our Application URL is After making the changes you need to send the Consumer key and Consumer secret key to
  • After this the Eventilla support team will finish the setup.

Creating GoToWebinar webinar in Eventilla

1. Create a new event in Eventilla.

In the event settings, you should turn on the restriction that the same email address will not be accepted for registration. Limiting the number of tickets to the webinar must be done at Eventilla, through which entries will also be accepted.

2. Create a ticket for the event to receive registrations.

We recommend that you edit the form of the created ticket by following the instructions below. This editing is not mandatory, but it will benefit you so that you can, for example, filter webinar attendees who participated.


You must set two hidden fields for the ticket. The name of the first field is ''webinar link'' and the name of the second is ''webinar attendance time'' (webinar_link & webinar_attendance_time). More information about tags can be found here. Place the fields for the ticket as shown below. Learn more about using the form editor here.


Open the tab for creating a webinar.


Choose whether to create a new webinar or update an existing webinar.

6. Select time zone.
7. Set start and end times for the webinar.

Give the webinar a title and a possible description.


Click the Create webinar -button.


You can now go and check the created webinar in GoTowebinar.


If you create a webinar at GoToWebinar you need to remember to turn off messaging from the GoToWebinar settings. You do not need to remember this for webinars which are created through Eventilla as the system will do it for you.

Adding GoToWebinar link to confirmation email.

1. In the event settings, go to the 3. Communication tab.

From there you will find a confirmation message for the registrant. In the confirmation message, place a link to the webinar by clicking on the link icon and filling the  $WEBINARLINK$ variable to the address. You can choose what you want displayed as the link text. Click Ok and the link you created will appear in the message content field.


We recommend that the variable $WEBINARLINK$ is not used directly in the confirmation message in this format, as the webinar link is long and can cause problems with the visuality of the message. *This recommendation also applies to messages sent via communications.*

4. Everything is ready now. When a registrant registers for an event, they will receive a confirmation email that will allow them to join the webinar.


Retrieving information about sign-ins to Eventilla from GoToWebinar

In order to see who participated in the webinar in Eventilla, you have to press the button shown in the picture. It can be found in the event report under Attendees.


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