Group registration at Eventilla

Updated: 14.07.2021 Advanced feature Print

There are different ways to register a group to the event in Eventilla.
With group registration all participants in the group can be registered to the event at once. By default, group participant information is selected to be collected individually. Alternatively, you can set participant information to be collected once for the entire group on an event-by-event basis or when creating a ticket on a ticket-by-ticket basis. When data is collected once for the entire group, only the group notifier data is displayed in the reports: Tommy Testman, Tommy Testman (2), Tommy Testman(3) etc. 

In addition, you can choose whether to collect the group's notifier information when registering. When group informant data collection is selected, the group notifier information can be filled in as the group default information, and you can set the confirmation message to be sent only to the group notifier. In the group notifier confirmation message you can use the variable $GROUPINFO$ to obtain all the information of the group participants for the group notifier confirmation message.

The possibility of group registration is a practical feature, for example, in a situation where a person working for a company registers the company's employees to the event without registering himself / herself for that event.

Please note that group register data collection as well as event-specific group settings are additional settings that are available upon request.
If you would like to enable the features, please contact or your account manager.

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