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With the Eventilla's HubSpot integration, you can export registrant information from events to HubSpot. Integration allows you to create new contacts to HubSpot, or update information for existing contacts.

If you are already using Eventilla & HubSpot and you want to start using this integration you need to contact Eventilla's sales team

You need to create an application to HubSpot for the integration. You need a Hubspot developer account to do this. Go to and login to your developer account.

Setup in HubSpot

1 Press the “Manage apps” icon to access the application manager.

2 To start creating a new application, press the “Create App” button.


3 Fill in the basic information of the application, such as the name and description of the app.
4 On the “Auth” tab, set as the redirect URL.
5 Add these scopes for the app:
•    timeline
•    forms
•    tickets
•    crm.objects.contacts.write
•    crm.schemas.contacts.write
•    crm.objects.custom.write
•    crm.lists.write

6 Save the settings


Setup in Eventilla

1 Login to Eventilla with an account that has the correct user role to activate the integration. If you are unsure about your user role, please contact our support team They will check your user role for you.
2 Go to Organizations -> Integrations -> HubSpot
3 Enter application credentials in the corresponding fields in Eventilla.


Field in Eventilla Field in HubSpot
HubSpot client id Client ID
HubSpot secret key Client secret
HubSpot app id App ID

You get these fields below by pressing "Back to all apps" and then “Get HubSpot API Key” 

HubSpot user id User ID
HubSpot hapikey

(after pressing "Show key")

4 Set on the selection "HubSpot enable updated scopes"
5 After you have entered all the app credentials you need to press “Refresh token” button.
6 You will be redirected to HubSpot where you need to choose the correct HubSpot account where your Eventilla will be integrated.


Adding custom event field to HubSpot and mapping event name into it

  • Create property in Data management->Properties.
  • Set object type “Contact”.
  • Set group to “Contact information”.
  • Set the label to “event” or “tapahtuma”, just make sure that the internal name is set to “event”.
  • Set field type to “Single-line Text”.

Show timeline events inside contacts information

  • Go to a specific contact.
  • Choose “Filter activity”.
  • From “Integrations” choose your application.
  • Now you can see timeline events in contacts activity

Webhook - GDPR Contact delete

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), contacts in your account have the right to request that you delete all of their personal data. More info here.

To transfer information about deletions to Eventilla, check the option Activate privacy deletion webhook in Organizations -> Integrations -> HubSpot.

In Eventilla, You can check GDPR deleted contacts here and do anonymization to those event registrants as well.

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