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With the Eventilla application, you can export registrant information from events to Pipedrive. Integration allows you to create new people to Pipedrive, or update registration information for existing people.

If you are already using Eventilla & Pipedrive and you want to activate this integration you need to contact Eventilla's support team support@eventilla.com. They will grant you the correct user role so that you are able to activate this integration. Otherwise contact our sales team sales@eventilla.com.

When Eventilla's support team has given the right user role you are able to activate this integration by yourself. To do so follow steps below.

1. Open your organization settings under "Organization" link and open "Integrations" tab.
2. From this view you need to press the "Enable pipedrive integration" button.

3. After clicking the button you will be taken automatically to the following view. From there you need to click the "Allow and Install" button.


The integration is now installed. Now you can choose the default activity type, which is set to event participants and taken into Pipedrive. In Pipedrive you can filter contacts with this information.

If you don't choose any default activity type, the system will use "call" as default activity type.

5. To overwrite this default value for specific event go to "integrations" tab in event settings when you are creating a new  event. From the dropdown list you can choose activity type for this event.
6. If you don't want to export event data to Pipedrive you need to check the "Don't export event data" checkbox. Remember to save changes.

If you want to create a new activity type you have to create it in Pipedrive. After creating a new activity type you are able to use it in Eventilla.

Notice this: If your new activity type contains spaces or capital letters and you want to set that one as a default activity type you need to write it using lowercase letters and underscores as spaces.

Activity type in Pipedrive: New activity type
Format in Eventilla: new_activity_type

Check step 4. to see how you are able to set new default activity type.

Useful information

In addition to the activity, the integration takes the following information about the registration to Pipedrive as a person's notes:

Event name
Event start and end time
Event start and end date
Country, city and place of the event
Registrant form information

You can select fields from the form that are not exported to Pipedrive. When creating the registration form, the "Block field from api" checkbox must be selected.

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