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Creating a training announcement in Eventilla

1 Create a new event in Eventilla.

Create a ticket for the event to receive registrations.

A new field for the personal identity number must be added to the registration form. The text type is selected and the personal identity is set as the format check. In addition to this, the tag hetu must be added to the field. You can read more about using the form editor here.
3 Open the tab for creating a webinar. 

4 Choose whether to create a new training announcement or update an existing training announcement.
5 Give the name of the training program.
6 Set start and end times.

7 Set the training center information.
8 Set the training location information.

9 Set the contact information.

 Enter only numbers in the phone number field. For example: 0401234567
10 Select the driving amount from the drop-down menu.
11 Set the estimate number of participants
12 Set the journal number
13 You can provide additional information here.
14 Choose to which event ticket the training will be attached.
15 Click the Create training -button.

Things to consider in the training announcement

  • The training announcement can be added no later than 10 days before the training. The date of submission of the notification and the date of the training are included.
  • The change and deletion of the training announcement can be made by the end of the training.
  • The training announcement cannot be deleted if participants have been added to it.
  • The training announcement can be deleted after the end of the training, if no participants have been added.

Adding participants

1 In this section, you can see which training participants will be added.
2 Set the community name.
3 Set the training duration.
4 You can filter event registrants by tag or attendance here.
5 Here you can see the list of participants to add.
6 Click the Update -button.

Things to consider when adding participants

  • Participants must be added no later than 14 days after the training. Calculated from the day after the training day.
  • Participants cannot be added before the end of the training.
  • The list of participants can be updated 14 days after the training. Calculated from the day after the training day.
  •  If the list of participants is changed so that the previously notified person is deleted, the continuing education certificate will be deleted only if it is unused.
  • Changes to participants are made based on personal IDs, the name is not used to check whether a person should be added or removed. The name to be entered on the certificate is retrieved from the information of the Population Register Center on the basis of the personal identity number.
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