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  • Deployment of integration
  • Creating a webinar in WebinarJam and attaching it to an event in Eventilla
  • Adding Webinar link to confirmation email

Deployment of integration

To activate WebinarJam integration please contact first Eventilla sales team.

  • Create WebinarJam account.
  • Submit WebinarJam API key to Eventilla support team. Here is a guide where you can find it
  • If you wish, Eventilla support team can also retrieve API key. In this case, you must submit the created WebinarJam account username and password to Eventilla support at tuki@eventilla.com.

  • Eventilla support team completes the integration.

 Creating a webinar in WebinarJam and
  linking the webinar to the event at Eventilla


Create a webinar in WebinarJam. When creating a webinar, please note that on the WebinarJam, you should disable communication so that the registrant does not receive multiple confirmation messages and reminders.

2. Log in to your Eventilla and create a new event.

Create a ticket for the event so you can start receiving registrations.

4. Open the tab for attaching event to a webinar. 

Select the webinar you created from the list.

6. Other information is retrieved from WebinarJam on your behalf.

To attach a webinar to an event, click the Use Webinar in event button.


Adding WebinarJam link to confirmation email

1. In the event settings, go to the 3. Communication tab.

From there you will find a confirmation message for the registrant. In the confirmation message, place a link to the webinar by clicking on the link icon and filling the  $WEBINARLINK$ variable to the address. You can choose what you want displayed as the link text. Click Ok and the link you created will appear in the message content field.

Also, optionally set a link to the webinar recording using the $REPLAYLINK$ variable.

3. We recommend that the variable $WEBINARLINK$ is not used directly in the confirmation message in this format, as the webinar link is long and can cause problems with the visuality of the message. *This recommendation also applies to messages sent via communications.*
4. Everything is ready now. When a registrant registers for an event, they will receive a confirmation email that will allow them to join the webinar


Things to consider

If you want, you can set tagged hidden fields on the registration form. These are (webinarjam_live_url and webinarjam_replay_url). These can be used to check the registrant's information, for example, that a link to the webinar and recording has been created for him. More information about tags can be found here.

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