Privacy policy

Updated: 25.03.2022 Print

Privacy policy 


With Eventilla it is easy to add Privacy policy to your events. 

If you do not have this feature please contact us and let's agree how to display the privacy policy link in your event template

1 Privacy policy is added and managed from the Settings menu 
2 Choose organization (if you have many)
3 Input your organization privacy policy. 
4 Add it to all appropriate languages.
5 Save

Privacy policy is an event based Yes/No feature. You choose is the link to the privacy policy shown on the event page at the 4. Other settings -tab when creating the event. You find this on the bottom of the page. 

In this example event the link to the Privacy policy is automatically added to the right hand column below the map. The policy will open in pop-up window on the event page.

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