Updated: 27.07.2021


Click Surveys link in the Events view. You can then view, create, edit and send surveys

Create a survey

1 Create a new survey. Give the survey a name and then save. 
2 You may also use and edit a premade survey. Click edit.


Editing and sending a survey

1 You may edit the name of the survey
2 Choose appropriate organization (if you have many). This affects who has the right to see the syrvey and edit/use it. Also the design of the survey template is based on organization so that it looks like the event.
3 Give the survey email a title and description. This is the email that the recipients will see.
4 Surveys use the same form tool as events. See more about the tool here. In surveys you may also use the matrix form type. 
5 If you send the survey using Eventilla, choose the desired recipients. 

At send phase you'll see the URL of the survey. If you choose so you can also share this URL via any email system or any other way. In that case you must allow "Allow anonymous feedback". You can also limit on how long the URL/your survey will be active. 

7 Save before send
8 Send
9 See the list of prior sendings

The response to the survey will be found in the reports of your event. 

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You can use the event survey also as a general survey. For example in your website "Leave feedback".

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