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Information about the tool

Eventilla Surveys is a new feature in Eventilla. To activate it you need to contact Eventilla sales team.

Eventilla Surveys tool

With Eventilla Surveys you can create and share feedback surveys and view and share survey results and reports.

1 Here you can see navigation for Eventilla Surveys.
2 Here you can see all of your feedback surveys.
3 Hovering the mouse over the desired feedback survey will open additional options.
4 Select "View" to view  the feedback survey. Select "Report" to access the survey report. Selecting "Edit" allows you to edit the feedbacksurvey and selecting "Delete" you can delete the feedback survey and it's results.


Creating a feedback survey

1 When creating a new survey you can select previously created survey as a template for the new one.
2 Under "Create Survey,"  give a name,  description,  organization, and languages for the survey.
3 In the "Survey settings" you can set header image link, the time which survey is open, whether only participants can respond to the feedback survey and whether to allow feedback to be left anonymous.
4 "Add question" button can be used to add a question or create a new question for the survey.
5 "Add page break" button can be used to insert page break for the survey. This makes the survey to be multistep and visually more appealing.

Creating different type of questions

There are several different field types to choose from. After selecting a field type, a drop-down menu opens from which you can select an already created field or you can continue to creating new field.

1 Adding a question.
2 Choose field type for the question.
3 You can select a previously used question or create a new one.
4 Add a name and description for the field. In the matrix field, the selections act as an answer scale and questions can be added to the field in addition to the selection. You can also set validation for the field, for example, that you can enter only letters, numbers, or accept only an e-mail address.
5 Once a field is created, the field can be set to mandatory, protected, or hidden. You can select a condition for a hidden field that will make the field visible.

Creating report and sharing it

1 The survey information is displayed here.
2 You can create a shared report from the report settings.
3 You can select an already saved report from the "Shared reports" drop-down menu.
4 You can create a new report by selecting the questions you want the new report to display and then saving it.  You can create many reports out of one survey.
5 You can allow the report to download. The download is thus done from the report that opens behind the link.
6 You can change the order of the questions by dragging.
7 You can share the report by sharing the report link.


Sending a survey

You can send or schedule a feedback survey to be sent once the survey is published.

1 In the survey settings, select the event to which you want to send the survey and click the "Open messaging" button.
2 On the ''Sender'' tab, enter  the sender's name and email address.
3 On the '' Message'' tab you can define title and text for the message. Message contains button to the survey by default.
4 The '' Recipients '' tab allows you to filter recipients.
5 The '' Send Message '' tab allows you to either send or schedule a survey to be sent at a specific time.


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