Budgeting tool

Updated: 09.09.2022 Print

With Eventilla’s budgeting tool you can track event’s sales and expenses. You can set expected sales and expenses and compare them to realized sales and expenses.

You can find budgeting tool in navigation bar: 

If the budgeting section is not visible it has not yet been enabled for your organization. Please contact your Eventilla key account manager.

Expected ticket sale

Here you can set expected sales for every ticket of the event. Tickets and their prices are fetched automatically from the event’s data. Total sum of expected sales is shown in the bottom right corner. In summary you can compare expected sales to realized sales which are fetched automatically from the event.

Expected other sales

In this section you can plan expected other sales which are excluded from ticket sales. 

Expected costs

In the expenses section you can set expenses for each attendee or fixed expenses.

Realized additional sales and costs


In these views you can set realized sales and expenses. These can be compared later to expected sales and expenses. Note that realized ticket sales are fetched automatically.


In the summary section the sales and expenses are gathered together.

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