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There are often different stakeholders involved in organizing an event. These stakeholders need up-to-date information on event attendees. The following is an overview of Eventilla's report sharing feature using an example of a catering service. Often there is catering offered in the event and often those are outsourced to external catering services.

Special diets are becoming more common and, on the other hand, event participants are becoming more demanding of their diets. It is important that the caterer has all the necessary information about the diets of the participants in the event. Traditionally
special diets have been announced, for example, by e-mail or various tables.
However, Event allows you to distribute just the right kind of reports in real time
to the event organizer's stakeholders.

  • Example report above shows the main information of participant's such as name and special diets.
  • When you create a report, you choose how long the report is valid. After this, the link will no longer take you to the event details.
  • The report is constantly updated as registrations progress. So you only need to submit the link once.

The report can either be shared as a forward link, or you may alternatively wish to send the link as an email to the recipients. Instructions for sending can be found here.

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Create one internal report so you do not have to answer: "How many have registered to the event?", "Has my client X registered?"


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